Sunday, May 18, 2008

Wonderful weekend! Full of activities that made life feel like summer. It may go back to grey skies and drizzle, but I know with the certainty of spring-quarter finals week that summer is almost here.

Hike: After my walk with Buster (previous post), Melissa picked Brian and me up for a hike at Twin Falls. Not too far away, too long, or too strenuous. I could've been better prepared (no water bottle at home, no good food for packed lunch, and sunscreen was running out), but I think it was excellent practice for at least a couple hikes this summer.

Melissa had hoped for a bigger group of friends, but I think it was kind of nice just the three of us. None of us are super talkative, so while there was pretty consistant conversation, there was no compulsive chatter to detract from the experience of nature and exercise. The well-trodden trail follows some smallish but rushing river upstream, with a number of spots that gave interesting views of a pretty amazing waterfall -- larger than most of the falls I've seen in our region. Hiking doesn't entertain me like an excellent book or play, but it gives such a good, productive enjoyment.

Dinner: I was somehow still restless in the evening, so when we decided on burgers for dinner, I walked to PCC for supplies. Fremont's not far, but I haven't walked before and it's a good distance: I wouldn't do it every day, but definitely managable in nice weather.

We've been grilling regularly since spring weather arrived, but we've never done burgers. Although I underestimated the saltiness of Johnny's (the only seasoning I used, in my lazy mood), they were pretty fantastic. Also grilled corn on the cobb, one of my favorite vegetables -- it was perfect sweet white corn, totally unstarchy.

I also picked up a cheapo bottle of Gruener Veltliner, which was featured on The Splendid Table. Haven't opened it yet, but I'm excited to try it.

Reading Vogue in the sun: Woke up early and had a couple hours before our brunch reservation at Tilth, so I went to our teeny patio with some Talking Rain, big sunglassses, and the latest issue of Vogue. I just flipped through the photo spread and only really read the feature on Sex and The City: The Movie, but I must've been more enthralled than I realized, because I picked up a little sunburn from my short-sleeves down. As much as I fear skin cancer and excessive freckles, I'll have to go sleeveless soon to even it out.

Brunch: Dinner is almost certainly the most creative time for meals, but I don't think food can be more satisfying than at breakfast. And Tilth is probably the best-reviewed restaurant in the city, at least in expert opinions (see: NY Times top 10). Surprisingly empty, especially after they refused to add 2 to our reservation, and service was very nice but slow. But, we weren't there to count empty tables or chat with the server -- we were there to eat.

I expect explicitly local and organic food to showcase very natural (ie: sparingly-seasoned) and seasonal flavors. My Grand Mariner french toast was delicious, not excessively heavy, but as sugarly as dessery. Brian and Nate had biscuits and chicken + gravy that was even saltier than normal gravy, and an menu option for warm weather. And the curd with Melissa's scone: described as "like pie filling" by our waitress.

Overall: good, will definitly go back for breakfast (esp as the menu changes seasonally), but
it all seemed a bit less refined than I espected.

Finally, Seattle Cheese Festival: This is what Bite of Seattle should be. Except with more than cheese. 2/3 of the way through, I discovered that there is, in fact, a limit to how much cheese I can eat.

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