Monday, May 5, 2008

Anne Frank, Robert Downey Jr.

Saw The Diary of Anne Frank with Sarah Saturday. As she said, it's not a play you can criticize easily -- its very existance is impressive, and for a company to put it on is almost a public service.

But even with these free passes, the production was top notch: sincere actors, a solid set, good pacing, engaging even when we all know the whole 'plot' and most of the dialogue. We also went to Crow and drank more wine than really necessary.

Saturday, half-priced brunch then Iron Man with a couple former Daily friends. Didn't realise it was Robery Downey Jr until suddenly there his face was, eight feet tall. Gewnyth Paltrow and whoever played the villain were also quality. Solid entertainment, despite the movie being one big set-up for the sequel.

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