Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Possibly it's the sweatiness that makes me get angry at things I see on TV while at the gym. I don't think I'm often angry at TV at home. Regardless, I saw this morning that Mary J Blige and Hype Williams have thoroughly ripped off Bjork and Michel Gondry's Joga.

Well, maybe not "thoroughly." The knock-off entirely misses the drama, creativity, graphic innovation, and geographic sensuality of the original. But, I guess a boring video for a boring song, and a sweeping, luxurious video for a phenomenal song ...

I try to avoid music videos, generally, so I'm sure there are plenty of landscape-zooming shorts I've missed. Initially it made me step up my elliptical pace and click back to the ridiculousness of that Bravo show about the hotel pretty quickly. However, after YouTubing Joga and watching thrice, my mind is at peace: it's gorgeous, and no low-budget green screen production will ever touch it.

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