Sunday, January 13, 2008


The sun fell beautiful and warm over Wallingford; Buster and I raced down 1st toward the water -- he always wins. Fantastic day for walking the dog, and for maybe the first time ever I felt excited about spring's approach.

I could usually care less about the tepid skies and mid-school-year blahs of spring. I know technically Spring isn't here till late March, but I spend most of post-New Years months impatient for sun and warmth, stubbornly referring to Springtime in an attempt to make seasons jump calendar and become summer already. Autum's start and Summer's end of school dictated all my interest in seasons.

Then, the standard pastels are an unwelcome replacement for the rich and sparkily colors of fall and winter. This spring, however, I think lots of navy (that "nautical influence" is back for, what, the third year?) and my favorite peachy-coral color will be perfect -- if I can find polish to match the Raffia Orange gloss I bought Friday, I will be as spring-time-perky as the Jesus on Easter.

I do, however, inexplicably, like the floral dresses I thought I was seeing everywhere -- until I tried to find a photo online. Apparently there are no photos on the internet. But the florals are out there some where, trust me.

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