Thursday, January 3, 2008

christmas in the mountains

I desperately need the gym to open at 6 again. A month of aerobics replaced by Christmas baking has done me no good at all -- although my hair looks great from all the extra time I have in the morning.

Really, great.

All presents were excellent this year. I really can't think of one I cringed at. Much much fine tea, some candles probably, a good little wear-all-day scarf, a culinary miracle in the form of a rice cooker, two (2!) Martha Stewart how-to-be-perfect books, delicious lotions and soaps, perfect big gold stud earrings, an ice cream maker (egg nog + rum + frozen = amazing. repeat, gym must open soon), knitting lessons. Which may begin next week. I should check on that.

I survived a couple days in Darrington. I could definitely (and has) been less enjoyable, but I couldn't help lying awake desperately thinking how incredibly pointless it was for me to go Sunday for a Tuesday Christmas. I was good for the first two wine-enhanced hours at Grandma Joy's. Then everything went boring boring boring until Caitie showed up at 2 Christmas morning. Not only was her visit nicely limited, she got Christmas Eve-generous tips till 1.

But I did get a large amount of knitting done (one polite way to distract myself from the magnitude of Darrington's blandness and family's incessant chatter -- I ust don't understand how some people find so many words to say). Fingerless high-fiving handwarmers for Cait, scarf for mom, more of the Fancy Hat that Melissa and I are both doing. Because I obviously have enough to rant about - I don't need to be chilly as well.

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