Saturday, January 26, 2008

Pants rants.

Sarah: oooh i went to the opera last night
me: yeah ...
Sarah: saw pagliacci
me: ooh?
Sarah: so GOOD
me: how was it?
Sarah: dramatic
i liked it
4:56 PM me: we went to the symphony today
it was video game scores.
i fell asleep for a few minutes

5:05 PM Sarah: omg, for real
video games?
5:06 PM me: yeah
so it was basically like movie scores.
5:09 PM Sarah: hmmm
was it good?
what was the crowd like?
5:10 PM me: some of it. it was like 2 hours and they covered maybe 10 or 12 games, so it was lots of short bits. kind of obvious-sounding music, nothing mindblowing.
The crowd was ridiculous!
holy crap.
5:11 PM just the clothing -- nerds in suits, a couple girls in full-length gowns (at 1 pm), a high school kid wearing a furry hats with ears and everything, and then some bad harajuku knock-off girls, then someone wearing a black veil and fur cloak ...
5:12 PM plus normal parents and kids, and 20-something men.
Sarah: wow, just as I was hoping
I was mad last night
there were A LOT of people wearing jeans
me: oooh
Sarah: and I just got so annoyed w/ seattle
5:13 PM it's like can't you even dress up for a FRIDAY night at the OPERA
me: in know. it doesn't even need to be super fancy, just put on some slacks or something.
What did you wear?
5:14 PM Sarah: a knee length black skirt, pin striped v neck shirt
and a nice coat
5:15 PM lysondra wore black pants
a nice shirt and a nice coat
i would have been ok w/ people wearing khakis
but jeans is just too much
me: it always seems so awkward, even for the nicely dressed people, to have no standard dress code.
5:16 PM no one really looks quite right
5:17 PM Sarah:i know, it just bothers me
i just think the opera is something that is formal
especially an evening show
i'm glad to get out of seattle
Lyso told me that she went to this gala one time
5:18 PM for some organization
and it was fancy
and there was someone there wearing birkenstocks
me: woah.
yeah ...
5:19 PM it's not like nice clothing it any less comfortable.
Sarah: jeans can be kind of uncomfortable
me: yeah.
5:20 PM Sarah: But i'm also annoyed by girls in prom dresses
me: yes.
someone needs to come in and give seattle a talking-to.

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