Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The white light of 7am and the spray of pastel blossoms across the south side of the street made this morning look like snow. Fortunately, temperatures were warmer, and I was comfortably warm as I walked up the block to miss my second bus of the morning.

After watching the 6:30 #31 race by at 6:27, I decided to screw my second-to-last spinning class of the quarter (OK because I'm taking it again in Spring) and got ready at home. It's weird to put on makeup alone in a bathroom now -- on weekends and my rare skipped workout day, I vaguely miss my weekday mornings surrounded by gym ladies. And of course the bright fluorescence and big mirrors of the IMA; it's hard to tell what color lipstick I'm putting on in our windowless bathroom with uneven lighting and smudgy mirrors.

Getting a haircut and color today! Very excited to do something darker. These blond splotches are not me. Hopefully Melissa's recommendation of Jennifer Cassidy at Vain will pay off -- her cut turned out well, but she had no experience with her doing color.

It's not 7:48. If I leave now, I may actually make this bus.

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